Silver Platter

A new and exciting Kosher cookbook by Daniella Silver with tips and techniques provided by Norene Gilletz. Pre-purchase and receive your signed copy at the book launch celebration!

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About Daniella

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I absolutely love and get great satisfaction from being in the kitchen even though I’m not a professional chef nor have I gone to culinary school. I love to cook for my family and friends and look forward to any opportunity to be creative and innovative with my meals.

I belong to the "desserty" subset of foodie culture. I need something sweet after every meal. Actually, I need two or three sweet things to satisfy me. As a child, I always enjoyed cooking and baking for my family. When I was 10, I remember baking the most elaborate cheesecake for our Shavuot dinner. It was my proudest accomplishment, and my family was amazed! Of course, they only had a small taste because I pretty much ate the whole thing.

At 22, Jeffery Silver and I were married. We have three little girls, who are the loves of our lives. Watching them grow has only increased my desire to cook well and eat right.

My family has a long history of artistic talent. We all seem to have developed our creativity in different ways. Mine has manifested itself through food. Its presentation, the color of the ingredients, and the blending of textures are all aspects of an art form. I believe that you eat with your eyes first, so each dish in this cookbook was created to have aesthetic appeal. Food has to look beautiful to be appetizing. Then it must taste just as wonderful as it looks.

I hope you will enjoy The Silver Platter.

About Norene

Norene Gilletz is a leading author of kosher cookbooks and the owner of Gourmania Inc. ( She divides her time between her work as a food writer, culinary consultant, cooking teacher/lecturer, food manufacturer, and culinary spokesperson. Norene is a Certified Culinary Professional with IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) and has expertise in a wide variety of health concerns and special diets. The mother of three and grandmother of five, Norene lives in Toronto and can usually be found in or nearby a kitchen. Her motto is “Food that’s good for you should taste good!”

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